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National French Week: La Semaine du Français 2019

In celebration of National French Week 2019 (La Semaine du Français 2019), which ran from Nov. 4th through Nov. 11th, Monsieur Crider’s and Madame Myers’ French classes participated in several activities.French classes tasted crepes prepared by Chef Templeton.

On Thursday, Nov. 7th, PR cafeteria manager, Mrs. Sherrie Klingensmith, and her team treated Porter Ridge High School to a touch of French cuisine in the cafeteria. Students enjoyed such treats as French Onion Soup (la soupe à l’oignon), Quiche (la quiche aux épinards et au jambon), various vegetables (les légumes), and ham and cheese croissants (les croissants au fromage et jambon). These scrumptious offerings with French flair transported PRHS to the banks of the Seine River in Paris (well, maybe just the cafeteria, but students and staff can dream, right?).

On Tuesday, Nov. 13th, Monsieur Crider teamed up with Chef Templeton to treat his level II students to “le goûter de crêpes,” a crepe tasting of both savory and dessert varieties. Chef Templeton’s first year Culinary Arts students prepared the meal for the group and helped teach the students how to make crepes.  Monsieur Crider discussed the history of “la crêpe” and the opening of many “crêperies” here in the Charlotte region. Chef Templeton dazzled the crowd with a fantastic display of “flambé,” the French technique used in preparing the dish known as “Crêpe Suzette.” 

In addition, Monsieur Crider’s classes learned how to sing “La Marseillaise,” the French National Anthem.  Madame Myers and the French Club sponsored a daily French trivia contest. The winner, Molly Ansel, received a $10 gift card to Amélie’s French Bakery in Charlotte.  

The French culture is alive and well at PRHS!  Vive la France et sa culture!


Author-Monsieur Crider-French Teacher