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Media Center contests create winning readers

December Guess How Many Contest winner Maggie Curtis Since 2014 the Media Center has excited and entertained its patrons with contests. This includes about 5 to 6 Guess How Many Contests where a student or faculty member correctly guesses the closest amount of candy in a jar without going over, the book tree contest, online book questionnaire contests and special contests during School Library Month each April.  

For December the Media Center held a Guess How Many Contest with a tree made out of books. The tree was a huge stack of books upon books. Last year’s tree had 223 books in it and this year’s tree had 292. The person who guessed closest without going over won a movie ticket and restaurant gift card.

The Media Center also holds book contests to encourage independent reading during the school year. In these contests a student or staff member will answer a quick questionnaire about their reading habits. The winners are then chosen at random at the end of each contest. These contests take place three times a year, in the fall, winter, and spring. Winners choose between a variety of items donated by sponsors like Chick-Fil-A, QT, Texas Roadhouse, Bruster’s and Chili’s.

In April the Media Center will hold special events and contests to recognize the importance of and resources included in the Media Center. Students will be encouraged to drop in to participate in the events and contests.

When asked about the contests, senior Edwin Lopez Rincon said, "I personally love participating in contests held in the media center. They are an amazing way to get students involved in something that is fun and educational at the same time.” 

For future contests, check the Media Center page of the PRHS website.

Author-Kaitlyn Linker-11th grade student