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Communication with our Families

Porter Ridge High School is committed to keeping our families in the know during this period of time that we are out of school.  Each day students have been given access to our Daily Announcements for Students.  These announcements are very similar to the announcements heard over the PA system when we are in school and they even include the Pledge of Allegiance and our Moment of Reflection just like when we are at school.  The announcements are posted each day on the PRHS website under Announcements, on the PRHS facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.  Please make sure that your child starts their day off right with the Daily Announcements.  Prior to our spring break our principal, Dr. Fisenne, also posted a video where she discussed many of the most frequently asked questions about seniors, learning, and overall expectations.  That video is posted on our PRHS website under announcements and on all of our social media pages as well.  You can also access it here:  

As we get more information on questions that arise or have not yet been answered, we will communicate it out via our website and social media.  Any time we get more formal documents such as the UCPS Letter to Seniors and the UCPS Remote Learning Plan we will also send those out via connect-ed as we did prior to spring break.  Feel free to email school staff, including teachers, counselors and administrators at any time you have a question and we are happy to provide you with the information.