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PR celebrated Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week virtually

This year students, parents, teachers and staff celebrated Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week (May 4th-8th) virtually. Since schools are closed due to COVID-19, PRHS, StuCo and the PR community found new and fun ways to show their appreciation. Whether sending StuCo's traditional Pirate Pearls electronically or simply sending a thank you email, teachers and staff were recognized and thanked for their commitment to educating Pirates and staying #Committed.

PTO President Kim Pace commented on how PTO recognized teachers and staff, “We had two things in the works for the teachers and staff this week-a small gift that was mailed to each of them and a photo collage message that will be sent out on social media and in email to say how much we appreciate them!”  

StuCo member and group leader, Ziyanah Alexander added how StuCo adapted their recognition of the week this year, “We have over 140 Pirate Pearl responses to send out to teachers and staff via email! Teacher superlatives were also announced to teachers via email. Some of the categories for superlatives were Most Inspiring, Most Likely to Give Homework on the Weekend, Best Dressed, Class Clown, and Most School Spirit.”

When asked to share what they have appreciated about PRHS teachers and staff, students added the following:                                                                                      

“Ms. White (School Counselor) has helped me several times this school year. I appreciate that she always gives me a good answer to all of my questions and I know that she truly has my best interest at heart when I meet with her,” commented junior Olivia Brady.

“PRHS office staff, custodial staff and cafeteria staff are the ones who make everything run smoothly and provide students with a healthy environment where they don't have to worry about any distractions. The staff members at PRHS do their job so well that many times students don't even realize how much time and effort it takes since it has become something normal to all of us. This tells you how amazing they are!” commented senior Edwin Lopez.

“My favorite classroom experiences are from my freshman and sophomore years in Monsieur Crider’s French class! He made it so easy and fun for me to enjoy learning a new language,” commented junior Jordan Seybuck. 

Though the second semester this year has been different than any before, students, parents and staff have found a way to celebrate education and the PRHS educators and staff who help students learn, grow and prepare for their future. Check out the faculty/staff slideshow below to see some of our PRHS staff in action!