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Castaways presented Quaranscream, a virtual play

On Friday, June 5, 2020 Todd Ford and several members of the Castaways (PR’s theatrical performers) presented Quaranscream, a virtual play written and produced by Ford. In the play a group of professionals met in the midst of a pandemic on Zoom to discuss the budget; however, it quickly degraded into discussions of hand sanitizer and toilet paper. The next day Brice, who volunteered to meet their sanitation needs, disappeared. Was it murder? What darkness lurked in the heart of the quarantined souls? Watch as the group slowly unraveled like the last roll of toilet paper they so desperately needed. For the link to the play, click here.Quaranscream Screenshot

When asked about their experience doing the play, the actors said:

“Doing Quaranscream really helped lift my spirits; getting to see my friends was the highlight of my day. Quaranscream also gave my day some structure with the rehearsal schedule which was really nice,” sophomore Jocelyn Shutak said.

“As much as I thought rehearsal over a platform like Zoom would be different, it wasn’t. I would leave rehearsals happy, with a smile on my face. Just like I had before. That’s what has always mattered to me,” sophomore Molly Ansel said.

“There is NOTHING that can stop the Castaways!” commented freshman Colin Eleazer.   

Ford also added, “I thoroughly enjoyed the process of directing Quaranscream. The cast learned new acting skills and had a lot of fun participating in this unique experience. I think it is so important to still share our students’ talents in this challenging time.” 


Roberta- Molly Ansel

Susan- Issy Cardona

Grace- Keira Coleman

Brice- Colin Eleazer

Francois- Jocelyn Shutak

Amanda- Valeria Sierra-Rey

Pat- Jared Weinstein