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PRHS Communications

Summer Pirate PressPorter Ridge High School is committed to providing parents and students with a lot of communication.  School staff reinforce with students the very applicable adult life skill of checking their UCPS email daily, reading their Canvas announcements, and reviewing all school communications.  Our main form of communication is our Pirate Press newsletters which are sent on a weekly basis during the school year so that the whole community can read about the great things our children and teachers are doing. In addition to that we use the following as other main sources of communication for families: PRHS website, facebook, instagram, and twitter.  For students we also have daily announcements over the intercom at school, and the same announcements are posted in the student's Canvas account.  Current and past editions of the Pirate Press are always available on this website for your reference (look under QuickLinks). Current Pirate Press newsletters will typically be sent on each Thursday to every student, family, and staff member so that we can provide our community with information about the school, upcoming events (athletic, extracurricular, co-curricular, and school events), college and career information, and academic information. We hope to celebrate our Porter Ridge Pirates and to keep the parents of our teenagers aboard for this High School journey!  

In order to make sure you are on the list to receive the newsletter, please update your email and phone number information at the school, or click here to email our Data Manager, Ms. Lawwill.  

You can see all of our PRHS associated social media accounts by looking at the Pirate Press - we always update our list of accounts in the newsletter.  If you can only follow a few, we ask that you are sure to follow the main PRHS accounts.  We do ask our student organizations to tag us in their posts so that they will also show up on your social media feeds.  We hope you enjoy all of the great things our Pirates are doing!