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AP Capstone Program

Congratulations to our PRHS 2021 Capstone Diploma Recipients and our 2021 Capstone Certificate Recipients. We are excited to announce that 11 of our students earned the diploma and 6 earned the certificate. This is AMAZING for the first cohort of students and is representative of the rigorous body of college level work that our students completed! A HUGE shout out to all of our staff that have taught and/or impacted these students throughout their high school careers! A special shout out to Mr. Boyles and Ms. Stegall who brought our first class of AP Capstone Students through their AP Seminar and Research classes, along with the AP teachers who taught them in the other college level courses that they needed to earn this recognition! Congratulations Pirates!!! PRHS 2022 AP Capstone Cohort - let's do this!

AP Capstone Diploma Recipients:

Angelina Antonuccio
Gabriella Boley
Olivia Brady
Kamille Coleman
Samantha Jones
Olivia Jordan
Madeline Kesner
Savannah McIntosh
Anna Minakakis
William Rose
Dalton Yandle 

AP Capstone Certificate recipients: 

Ziyanah - Grace Alexander
William Joye
Alaina McCollum
Kim Nguyen
Cynthia Tran
Garrett Turizo