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AFJROTC Cadets take flight

Cadet Bostick

On Friday, March 18th two Porter Ridge High AFJROTC students, Jordan Morefield and Elijah Bostick, got to experience their school day from a new perspective, flying at 2,000 feet above Monroe in a Cessna 182! 

Both cadets are part of the AFJROTC program which partners with the local Civil Air Patrol unit to educate and inspire future pilots. 

This was a first flight for Bostick who said, "It was fun, my stomach did some flips on the turns, but I didn't get sick!" 

Cadet Morefield

Morefield was even allowed to take the flight controls and fly a bit. She said, "The yoke reacted a lot quicker than the flight simulator I normally fly in JROTC, and the slightest movement had immediate results!"

While Cadet Bostick is still considering whether or not to seek a pilot's license, Cadet Morefield plans to apply for the AFJROTC Flight Academy to receive a scholarship, get her private pilot's license and also plans to join the Air Force after high school.

Students interested in the AFJROTC program should speak to their counselor for more info and to learn how to register for this program!



Written by Major Chadrick Richardson-AFJROTC Instructor