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Leadership at its best-PRHS StuCo

The PRHS Student Council, called StuCo, is a group of 42 students (this school year) who work closely together to brainstorm, plan, execute, and host fun events for the student body. Leadership is the title of the class they have 3rd block and Math teacher Jennie Yearick is their teacher/sponsor. This year the Class President is Gracie Helms, the Vice President is Sarah Myers, and cabinet member is Renee Rodriguez.

StuCo members set up tailgate cornhole.StuCo provides PRHS students with fun and engaging activities and events that celebrate traditional school happenings and school spirit. The activities and events not only captivate and engage the student body, but they also help StuCo members improve their leadership skills. Some of the events are Homecoming, Pirate Palooza, Winter Wonderland and Senior Week. Members work very hard to plan these fun events for everyone at PRHS. 

When asked about their experience in StuCo and what leadership skills they have developed, officers responded: 

Student Council is a very large class, filled with students from a variety of backgrounds. The class promotes diversity, collaboration, and creativity all while teaching students valuable life skills. Everyone in the class brings different perspectives and ideas to the group that really encourage mental and personal growth. Each student has a different set of skills and experiences that affects the class and their fellow members.The thing I like most about being a member is getting to interact with such a wide variety of students. So often when brainstorming, someone brings up an idea that I would have never thought of, so it really helps to expand your mind and way of thinking. Additionally, I also love to get to put on events for the students. Nothing is better than working so hard to plan out every detail of an event and being able to watch it all unfold and see the student body love it. Student Council has taught me more life skills than any other class. We learn so much about problem-solving, finances, working in a professional environment and how to be a leader,” President Gracie Helms said.

The class is a wonderful environment! In our class, our members work together like a family. Spending so much time together allows us to create such special bonds that will remain with us for a long time after high school. Working as a team to bring the student body together allows for each of us to grow closer to one another! What I love most about being in Student Council is the relationships I get to make throughout the year. Whether it’s spending time with my classmates or speaking to new peers, it has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and meet all new personalities! By being in Student Council, my leadership skills have grown tremendously. Learning to lead has allowed me to enhance my skills in building relationships and preparing for events. Not only have these skills allowed me to grow as a student, but also as a strong leader,” Vice President Sarah Myers said.

StuCo Advisor, Yearick, commented “Student Council helps student leaders learn all of the ins and outs of quality leadership-- from conceiving ideas, planning event logistics, purchasing materials and equipment using school funds, and executing events on the day of. Having a Student Council is an essential part of having a healthy, active, and engaged student body. It also boosts community involvement and helps with staff morale.”

StuCo is a group of students working together to build a better community and to support  PRHS students! Any students interested in joining should watch for announcements about the application process early in 2023 before course registration begins.


Written by Sampada Bastola-11th grade student