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PRHS pledged to help the Earth

Traditionally at PRHS Earth Day is celebrated with activities for students to participate in during lunch and this year, that took place the week before Spring Break. The cafeteria was also decorated with informative posters and facts about the Earth and what students can do to help the planet. 

On Wednesday April 13th, 2022, the Media Center partnered with Sandra Jones’ Earth ScienceStudent media assistants stand by pledge wall classes to create an informative and fun Earth day experience during all lunches. There was a pledge wall that students could sign and tell everyone what they would do to help the planet. After signing the pledge wall students received a t-shirt, pen, and pencil. Informative posters lined the railings throughout the cafeteria with information on recycling, reducing each person’s carbon footprint, and reducing waste. These posters were in multiple languages so that everyone would be included. The posters were created in previous years in partnership with the world language classes that PRHS offers.  

When asked about the Earth Day event Mrs. Jones said, “Earth Day at PRHS was celebrated in the cafe at lunch. Students enjoyed participating as well as becoming much more aware of what they can do as an individual to help save humanity.

Regina Snelson, the PRHS Media Coordinator, said, “Each year the Media Center sponsors a schoolwide event to celebrate Earth Day. We partner with an Earth Science class and hold the event during all lunches so that every student can participate. Since COVID started, we have had to scale our event back from the large 8-9 booth fair we used to have to a pledge wall and prize booth this year. Students really enjoyed participating whether they were from Mrs. Jones’ class and working the booth or coming up during lunch to sign the pledge wall. We hope all PRHS Pirates will do what they can to keep our Earth a beautiful, clean environment that supports human, animal and plant life!”

When asked about the Earth Day event, freshman Manuel Ortiz said, “It was good to see the school come together and support a holiday which is forgotten to others. Another thing I enjoyed was the people I saw and worked with.” Another student, freshman Gavin Goss said, “It was nice to see people come up and take a shirt and sign the pledge wall.”

Watch for announcements and flyers next spring when the Media Center hopes to invite back the local farmer who at past Earth Day Fairs brought plants and helped students pot their own plant to celebrate Earth Day!


Written by-Mollie Fuller-12th grade student