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New Horticulture class offered at PR

One of the new classes offered at Porter Ridge High this semester is Horticulture, which is a branch of the agriculture industry that focuses on growing plants.Horticulture students work in the greenhouse.

Cassidy Helms, who currently teaches both Animal Science and Horticulture, discussed the key aspects of the class. “In Horticulture, we focus on careers, plant physiology, plant identification, plant growth, soils, nutrients, fertilizers, innovative gardening techniques, and pest management. Students are able to gain knowledge of how to grow their own plants, plan a garden, and manage a healthy garden.” 

Students at PRHS are able to maximize their learning in this class with the unique experiences it offers. “The awesome thing about this class is that we are able to actually go out and do these things,” Helms explained, “I believe that hands-on learning is the best way to learn most of the time, so it is great to get the students out of the classroom to apply their knowledge.”

This class is also perfect for any student who is interested in plants, gardening, and working outdoors. “This is a great learning experience for students who are interested in gardening/outdoors because it helps them learn how to grow their own plants from seed,” explained Helms, “They can take a lot away from this class to actually apply at home when landscaping, growing flowers or managing a vegetable garden.”

Students can sign up to take the Horticulture class for the 2023-2024 school year if they are interested. Guidance counselors can help with signing up during registration meetings.


Written by Kate Miller-12th grade student