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JROTC Cadets Fly High at Fort Eustis and Langley AFB

Cadets from Porter Ridge and Piedmont got to attempt the US Army Obstacle Course at Fort Eustis on March 17, 2023.  While the cadets had done many obstacle courses including the Marine Obstacle Course at Parris Island and their own obstacle course at Piedmont High School, they found the Fort Eustis Course most challenging. AFJROTC visits Langley AFB

They found one obstacle particularly difficult, which required them to scale a 12’ wall, climb across a horizontal telephone pole, and then descend down a rope. Cadet Grayson Rushing said, "The course gave me new respect for the fitness of our soldiers,” and Cadet Skylar Baucom said when she low-crawled through the mud she thought, “Lord, what did I get myself into!” Cadet Charles Nichols excelled at the Obstacle Course above all others, beating Cadets Turner Williams and Tolu Adetutu to take the trophy… just kidding there was no trophy, but they did get an MRE! 

In addition to the Obstacle Course, cadets got to visit Langley AFB where they got up close to the USAF’s most advanced fighter aircraft, the F-22 Raptor.  After getting a briefing by a pilot, they got to witness the power and technological prowess of the F-22 Raptor as the F-22 Demonstration Team rehearsed a performance for an upcoming air show. 

On this trip, cadets also got to visit Busch Gardens amusement park and Colonial Williamsburg. Students interested in going on amazing trips like this and developing friendships with a quality group of kids from Piedmont and Porter Ridge should talk to their guidance counselor about signing up for next year. There is no military commitment to be in JROTC and students can participate in 1 year or up to 4 years. 

Written by Major Chadrick Richardson, AFJROTC Instructor