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Computer Science Education Week

Porter Ridge MS participated in Computer Science Education Week Dec. 9th-13th.  CSEW is an annual program that inspires students in K-12 to explore their interest in computer science.  Students were given the opportunity to participate in several different computer education classes.  Below is a highlight of activities that introduced students to computer science. 

Ms. Courtney, the CTE teacher, and Ms. Harrell, the STEM teacher and robotics coach, visited various classrooms all week and taught students coding through stacking cups.  Students created a design with the cups and recorded the algorithm needed to build the design.  Ms. Mallory, a 6th grade math teacher, used prior knowledge from a lesson on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and used coding to raise awareness about the impact on oceans and our planet with Vidcode.  Students were introduced to binary code.  Students looked at how computers recognize color and make images on the screen.  To conclude the week 6th grade students visited the Microsoft store at South Park and participated in a coding workshop. 

CSEW was a great experience for all students and it created excitement and interest in coding and computer designing.