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Donuts with Doctors




Dr. Chavis author and chiropractor came to are school Prospect Elementary AIG 4th and 5th grade for Donuts with Doctors.  The books he wrote were Old Highway 316 and Sons Of Charlotte. What is really cool is the book Old Highway 316 came from one of his in dreams. He came up with Sons Of Charlotte when he was working on one of his patients that loves to talk.  As she was talking, he zoned out a began to think what is it like if you were a person in a coma. You are dreaming right so what are they dreaming about? He stopped working on his patient and went to one of his co-workers and told her about the new book. He said what if it is about a person that has been in a coma for 7 years and what they were they still dreaming about?


Dr. Chavis’s other job is a Chiropractor. He did not know that that was going to be his career. He wanted to play sports but his spine is curled and could not play sports. He wanted to be a basketball player, but that did not turn out for him due to injuries. Dr. Chavis had many dreams and goals but some of them were not reached. His motto to us was to never give up. He is a great person and has a challenging schedule handling writing books and being and chiropractor.


                                                                                                   Thank you Dr. Chavis!  


Madison Owen and Johanna Keller