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Fifth Grade Interviews David Green

Fifth Grade Interviews David Green

By- Brinley P. and Olivia B.




The whole 5th grade had a conference with Mrs.Chinnis’s brother! His name is David Green and he is an electrical and industrial technician at Savannah Sugar Refinery in Georgia. He has to drive about 1 hour and fifteen minutes, he lives in South Carolina but works in Savannah Georgia. In class a couple of weeks ago we wrote down questions and our teachers decided with questions were the best. Whoever was chosen would ask David Green their questions and he would answer them. They asked him questions about his college classes, his work schedule and so much more.



  • Ava S.- How did you choose your major?
  • David Green- “ I wanted to make a lot of money so I chose this job”
  • Olivia B.- What do you like most about your job?
  • David Green- “ I like fixing all the machines” 
  • Erlin A.- What is your work schedule like?
  • David Green- “ I have a swing shift, it changes every single week I work in the day sometimes I also work at night sometimes the place I work a operates 24/7”  
  •  Brinley P. - What does a typical day work look like?
  • David Green- “ I go to two meetings in the morning to see what is going on if there are no machines to fix I just look over” 
  • Levi O. - What skills do you need to have your job?
  • David Green- “I have to read a lot of books to know how to work the machines”
  •  Morgan J.- What did your typical college day look like?
  • David Green- ”I had to take all the basic classes at first like math, history and I also had to take a public speaking class but after I finished all the basic classes I took classes that focused on my career 
  • Sidney O.- Do you have to travel a long distance to your job?
  • David Green- “ I do have to travel a long distance, I have to travel an hour and fifteen minutes to Savannah, Georgia depending on traffic”
  • Bethany S.- Do you still have to take tests or get certifications even after you graduate?
  • David Green- “ Yes, I do I take tests constantly”

There were so many more questions that he answered

He answered so many questions about his job. He talked about how he does his job and his college life. He informed us of so many facts about sugar. He talked about how they make brown sugar out of regular sugar by just using molasses and syrup. He told us that he had only been there for a year. He knows so much for just being there for a year. He sounded like he loved his job and that it was working great!