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First Graders Dig Into South American Culture

Did you know South America is the fourth-largest continent in the world?  It is divided into twelve countries and Brazil is the largest.  It is surrounded by three bodies of water.  Our first graders have really enjoyed learning about the continent we have been assigned to study.  We have enjoyed digging through the mystery box and discovering treasures from Ecuador.  We saw hand woven purses, scarves, and blankets.  We enjoyed looking at the coins and noticing how they were different from ours.  The artifacts also included beaded jewels, ceramics, and newspapers.  It helped us learn about the various cultures and traditions in that area.  

First grade has been learning about the differences between maps and globes.  We have been using our map skills to label the various continents, oceans and compass rose.  First graders worked in groups to design their own world map, played games using the compass rose, and made snack place mats labeling our continents and oceans.  We have so much more to discover about the continent of South America!