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Aw Shucks!

The Kindergarten Team went to Aw Shucks! Farm for their yearly field trip.  The students learned a lot about living and nonliving things.  Their favorite part was seeing all of the animals in their habitat.  We learned that pigs will roll in the mud to get cooled off.  It's not that they like to be muddy.  We got to feed the goats and feel how their tongues felt on our hands.  The tongues are really coarse.  The most amazing thing was to see the hole that a rabbit dug to use as its den.   Let's not forget about where we get milk from.  The cows were talking to us the whole time that the farmer was teaching us about their milk.

The farmer took us on a hayride into the fields.  We saw pumpkins and gourds.  We even learned how to make a pumpkin pie out of the pumpkin.  We would have seen the corn field but it was already plowed down for the season.

We visited the general store and had an eye opener from the past.  The proprietor showed us a Coke in a bottle that only cost five cents.  The students got to compare a cell phone to an antique rotary phone.  The one thing that made us think was the skates.  The students couldn't understand why you still need your shoes on with the skates.  Wouldn't it be fun to get older students in a room with only a rotary phone and a typewriter to see what they would do if asked to make a phone call?

Teachers, parents, and students can't wait to visit again.  Thank you, Aw Shucks!