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Hot Wheels in Motion

Mrs. Stout’s students investigated motion using Hot Wheels cars and tracks in Ms. Roach’s Forces & Motion class. Students worked in collaborative learning groups to deepen their understanding of pushes and pulls, gravity, force, speed, and friction. The hands-on activities inspired students to apply what they learned in the classroom.  Students identified the force of gravity acting upon the car to keep it on the track and the force that set their car in motion.  Students altered the height of their incline to study the impact of slope on speed.  They added features, such as hills and loops, over two class sessions.  Students investigated the different factors that affected the motion of their cars.

Owen Matthis: “I learned that I need more of an incline to make my car go faster.  It uses friction to stay on the track.”

Sammi Tuzuner: “The higher we started the track, the faster the car moved.  When we put hills and loops it slowed down the car.  It was really fun!”

Natalie Akopian:  “I learned if you make the track too steep then your car will fall off.  If your track is too flat then your car does not have enough energy to make it around the loop.  I liked doing it because it was a fun activity and I learned about friction and gravity.”

Carter Holmseth:  “I learned an incline that was straight down did not work because the car would flip off the track.  If we made turns in the track then the friction would slow down the car.”