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Second Graders Study African Culture

In 2nd grade, we are studying Africa as part of our school’s global awareness program.  We have been focusing with the students on how Africa is a large continent, made up of many small countries.  On February 3rd, we were lucky to have a local RVES parent, who is from Africa, come in and speak to our grade level.  Many of our students know her children, and were able to make that connection to children that they know having a different heritage and culture than their own.  She shared with us an old African story that originated in Ghana, and showed us many artifacts!

Our 2nd grade students were so excited to look at the artifacts.  She presented dresses, headwear, instruments, and more for the students to see and touch.  Our students really loved the detail on the clothing, and how it is so different from what they wear every day.  This was an awesome way to help immerse them in the African culture and customs.  It was a great morning, and we are so thankful for the presentation!