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A Snowy Night at RRES

With only a teasing of snow so far this winter season, students and families gathered at RRES to get a taste of the wonderful literature associated with a snowy season.  The night kicked off with part one of a performance in which Ms. Brooklyn Cruz (fourth grader) was the teacher and her students were the (non)respectable Mr. Clarke, Mrs. Stivaletti, Ms. Truitt, Mr. Whitford, and Mrs. Claudio.  Students then rotated through a series of stations, each focused on a wintry text and activity.  Students made snowflakes and listened to Snowflake Bentley, colored mini-text books while Mrs. Martinez read Where Snowflakes Fall, watched clips of Frozen and The Snowman, created snow globes to the back drop of Snow Music, and made chalk snowmen come to life during the reading of Snowmen at Night.  To conclude the evening, all enjoyed part two of the performance as our “students” learned the steps to writing text to give directions to build a snowman. 

We want to send a huge thank you to Mrs. Donovan for planning and organizing the event, Mrs. Peele for drawing scenes from each book, as well to all the staff that participated in painting, planning, and managing each station.