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Fifth Graders are running the town..... Biztown!

Biztown Our Fifth Graders just returned from their field trip to Junior Achievement (JA) Biztown in Charlotte. Biztown

During the visit on November 13, the students had the opportunity to use their Math and Leadership skills in a realistic setting. Each student worked at at job, produced and / or sold products or services, received a paycheck, worked with a business team, shopped, and managed a personal bank account. They worked as CEO’s, CFO’s, Marketing and HR Managers, Engineers, Delivery Drivers, Doctors, and Bank Tellers; we even had a Town Mayor, Postal Delivery worker, and a Police officer. Our CEO’s and Town Mayor gave speeches to the whole town, promoting their businesses.

Before the field trip, the Fifth Graders spent a few weeks preparing for the trip, making sure they had all their finances in order. They balanced their checkbooks,wrote ads for their businesses, and applied for business loans. Overall, the students learned that Math, Reading, Writing, Science, and Social Studies all come together in the real world.

Biztown Biztown “This field trip was different from any other field trip. I felt like an adult, with a debit card and a job.” Brisa Barajas

“My favorite part was going around shopping. I was buying stuff to take home and remember Biztown.” Lillian Strachan

Digna Martin- Fifth Grade Teacher