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My Fourth Grade Life

Hi my name is Ariana and I do have friends and I have fun with them. I have two teachers. One is for math and the other one is for reading. Mrs.Montalvo is my math teacher and Mrs.Vestuti is my reading teacher. I do like specials I love ART, PE , and STEM. In Mrs.Vestuti’s class we do Leadership Notebook and  we find out the character  feelings in the books we read . In the mornings we go on myon and we bookshop or practice multiplication facts cards before the bell rings. I don't know why because this class is reading but we do it for math.after reading we go to specials at 10:00-10:40 then we go to lunch at 10:45-11:10.  Then we go to recess we play steal the corner. Then we need to go to to math after recess we take a break we lay ourWorking in fourth grade heads down at Mrs.Montalvo class we have to do problem solving and then we do math note sometimes. Then we have to do problems on a sheet I struggle with math i am good with reading but it is kinda boring but not that much. When we are done with math we go back to Mrs.Vestuti  class to pack up I go on the bus it so long I just read and then i get home and that is my 4th grade life. I hope you like it.


Ariana Vite Calva