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Socks, Hats and Mittens Service Project

  Field Trip           Members of Rocky River Elementary’s Student Lighthouse Team visited Union Socks, Hats and Mittens Drive County’s Community Shelter on Friday, November 22, to deliver nearly 2,000 socks, mittens, and hats as part of their Fall service project.  The collection started at the beginning of November and ran school wide until November 20.  Students received “house points” for each item turned in.  When all the items were counted, the House of Altruismo had collected the most items, and earned additional house points.

            The idea for this project came from the members of the student-led committee.  “The students wanted to do something to help others.  Of course, when you have students who ask to give back to the community, you make sure you support and facilitate that,” said Mrs. Haney, the student lighthouse committee chair.  “Once we decided on what we wanted to focus on collecting, the children ran with it, making signs, and visiting their assigned classrooms to ensure that all students were aware of what we were doing, and why we were doing it.  It really caught on quickly, and I was scrambling to find containers to contain it all!” she added.  

Field Trip Lunch Socks, Hats and Mittens