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Math 24 challenge adds up to fast-paced excitement for UCPS middle school students

Dylan Beckham An eighth grader from Porter Ridge Middle School, Dylan Beckham, walked away with the district championship title during the annual Union County Middle School Math 24 competition held at Piedmont Middle School on April 5.

Dylan competed with students from nine UCPS middle schools in four rounds of mental math. Students had to create solutions that totaled 24 using only four numbers.

“Students practiced all year for the opportunity to represent their schools,” said Heather Karpinski, Cuthbertson Middle media coordinator. “The competition was exciting and fast-paced.”

The winners and their schools are listed below:

 For a closer look at the contest, check out the photo gallery below.
The winners and their schools are listed below:

District winner: Dylan Beckham, Porter Ridge Middle School
Gold medal winners:
Isabella Cirncione - Marvin Ridge
Emily Gladden - Cuthbertson
Reese Milhone - Porter Ridge
Silver medal winners:
Alexis Smith - East Union
Penakee Das - Marvin Ridge
Jayden Starke - Marvin Ridge
Rebecca Poskie - Marvin Ridge
Jailyn Tineo - Marvin Ridge
Diya Shah - Marvin Ridge
Brianna Lee - Piedmont
Nate Ladimir - Porter Ridge
Athan Wright - Porter Ridge
Brock Patyk - Porter Ridge
Autumn Weitzel - Sun Valley
Amil Agarwal - Weddington

Bronze medal winners:
Matthew Recher - Cuthbertson
Jinbeibei Huang - Cuthbertson
Owen Peronto - Cuthbertson
Ainsley Ogletree - Cuthbertson
Dust Edwards - East Union
Taylor O’Dell - Marvin Ridge
Aditya Nair - Marvin Ridge
Alyssa Tauro - Marvin Ridge
Autumn Tucker - Marvin Ridge
Angel Valenzuela-Ponce - Monroe
Graham Best - Parkwood
Lorie Nguyen - Parkwood
Matthew Gagnon - Piedmont
Rene Rodriguez - Piedmont
Catherine Andrews - Piedmont
Josh Vickers - Piedmont
Will Hart - Piedmont
Ashni Patel - Porter Ridge
Dominic Conroy - Porter Ridge
Mallory Ansell - Sun Valley
Samuel Joshua - Weddington
Aaditya Jampani - Weddington


By: Communications Coordinator Deb Coates Bledsoe
Posted: April 20, 2017