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UCPS announces elementary school choice options for 2019-2020

2019-2020 UCPS School Choice Union County Public Schools has announced its elementary schools of choice for the 2019-2020 school year. Earlier this year, UCPS introduced School Choice under Policy 4-13 Student Assignment. Through this option, families may apply for admission through lottery to any elementary school within the district whose student population is less than 90% of the capacity as determined by the district.

The Superintendent shall designate which schools are available for enrollment under this provision on an annual basis. The Superintendent and Board have the final authority to identify schools available for choice under this option. Once a transfer has been granted under this basis, it will remain in effect until the terminal grade in that school location (i.e. 5th, 8th and 12th).

After evaluating the current enrollment numbers, school capacity and ongoing enrollment, the following schools have been identified as schools of choice for the 2019-2020 school year. Transportation is not provided for students who accept a transfer through School Choice. Details about the application period and process will be released by Monday, February 4.

Fairview Elementary
Hemby Bridge Elementary
Marshville Elementary
Porter Ridge Elementary
Prospect Elementary
Rocky River Elementary
Shiloh Elementary
Stallings Elementary
Sun Valley Elementary
Union Elementary
Walter Bickett Elementary
Waxhaw Elementary
Wesley Chapel Elementary
Western Union Elementary



Policy 4-13 Student Assignment: 
2019-2020 School Choice webpage:

Posted: Jan. 23, 2019