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Coronavirus Update for March 20, 2020

As we conclude the fifth day of school closure due to COVID-19, we want to provide an update on Union County Public Schools’ efforts moving forward. We want to thank you for being patient and understanding as our nation is facing an unprecedented pandemic.

This week, UCPS focused on the safety and well-being of its students and staff. In less than 48 hours of receiving notice that schools would close, UCPS was able to accomplish the following: staff and students were able to retrieve essential items from school buildings, free meal sites were established at several schools, and the Board of Education approved a teleworking model for all employees.

With regards to instructional content, UCPS staff collected, developed and organized online digital resources to support students during the school closure. We also printed supplemental print resources for elementary students.

As a reminder, optional supplemental learning opportunities are available to all students at this time through the EmpowerED Family Portal. These resources do not include new content and are intended to serve as review materials.

We know that many of you have questions about new online teaching and learning moving forward, and how it impacts your child.

As we learn more from federal, state and local authorities, we will continue to update and adapt the delivery of our instructional practices. These are extraordinary circumstances and we are facing an ever-evolving and fluid situation.

Due to federal and state regulations governing the educational services for all children, school districts must take into account how to move forward with new online instruction. For example, families who do not have access to technology and students who have specialized learning needs, must have equal opportunities to access all online instructional content. Because of these and more challenges, school districts must consider how to remove these barriers before new content can be delivered online. We will continue to work with state and federal officials on how to navigate these challenges.

For more information on our phased-in remote learning approach, click here.

In the interim, UCPS encourages parents to continue to use the optional supplemental materials that are available through the EmpowerED Family Portal. In addition, teachers have or will have established contact with their students by Wednesday, March 25.

As of today, we are still operating under most recent directive from the Governor’s office regarding school closure. We will continue to share updates as new information is made available.

Posted: March 20, 2020