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Board of Education approves changes to graduation requirements for UCPS Class of 2020

During the April 7 Union County Board of Education meeting, board members approved changes to graduation requirements for the UCPS Senior Class of 2020. The changes, which were adopted because of COVID-19 and the associated March 16 – May 15 school closure, align with the amended graduation plan approved by the NC Board of Education on March 27.

As part of the updated graduation requirements, UCPS high school seniors are now required to have a minimum of 22 credits by their originally scheduled graduation date. Prior to Tuesday’s vote, current UCPS seniors would have been required to have a minimum of 28 credits to graduate with a high school diploma.

Additionally, per the state Board of Education, North Carolina high school seniors will not receive traditional A-F letter grades for their spring courses this year.

Instead, transcripts will include a Pass or Withdrawal note for spring courses based on the student’s grade as of March 13, which was the last day before North Carolina schools were closed. Final course grades for fall semester-long courses and fall term grades for year-long courses will still be included in seniors’ grade point average (GPA).

Additional remote learning opportunities will be offered to seniors who were not passing their spring courses as of March 13.

Click here to view an archived video of the April 7 virtual meeting.

Posted: April 7, 2020