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UCPS teachers receive, renew national board certification

Over two dozen Union County Public Schools (UCPS) educators have recently received or renewed their national board certification. This prestigious accreditation that is offered by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), is a way to highlight the skillful teaching that is occurring in classrooms nationwide.

More than 23,000 teachers in North Carolina achieved national board certification. According to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s website, the certification process is based on high and rigorous standards that evaluate teaching practices through performance-based assessments; the ultimate result is improved performance and achievement for North Carolina's students.

At its core, the National Board certification process has standards that describe the highest level of teaching in different disciplines and with students at different developmental levels. These standards represent a consensus among accomplished teachers and other education experts about what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do.

Educators who have participated in National Board Certification have overwhelmingly expressed that it is the most powerful professional development experience of their careers. They say the experience changes them as professionals and that through the process they deepen their content knowledge and develop, master, and reflect on new approaches to working with their students.

The certification process is designed to collect standards-based evidence of accomplished teaching across four components including content knowledge, differentiation in instruction, teaching practice and classroom environment, and lastly, effective and reflective practitioner.

The benefits of being an NBC teacher in NC, include financial incentives, state grants full licensure renewal to all teachers completing the National Board Certification process, regardless of achievement. Also, educational credits—teachers who are in the 10-year National Board renewal cycle will earn two credits - one for content and one for literacy. Leadership Opportunities are also included, board certification can enable teachers to take on leadership roles—such as mentoring, leading professional development efforts, and advocating for policy changes—that allow them to advance their careers while staying in the classroom.

To learn more about NBC educators, click here.

Below is a complete list of UCPS teachers who are newly certified or renewed their certifications:

New Certified NBCT for 2020-2021 

  • Meredith Sizemore                         Porter Ridge Elementary
  • Allison Parkhurst                            Sandy Ridge Elementary
  • Christiana Hasty                             Porter Ridge High
  • Kimberly McCutcheon                  Marvin Elementary
  • Christina Haggard                         Wingate Elementary
  • Emily Kizer                                        Forest Hills High
  • Rene Mills                                          Rea View Elementary
  • Elaine Templeton                            Porter Ridge High
  • Laura Toms                                       Porter Ridge Middle

Renewals for NBCT for 2020-2021

  • Lisa Meier                                          Sun Valley High
  • Jennifer Ciano                                 Rocky River Elementary
  • Anna Waldrup                                  Weddington High
  • Andrea Cook                                     Weddington High
  • Lindsey Arant                                  Marvin Ridge High
  • Elizabeth Bartell                             Parkwood High
  • Maria Bomfin                                   Weddington Elementary
  • Amy Brantley                                   Kensington Elementary
  • Nicole Crowley                                Porter Ridge High
  • Brandon Griffith                              Piedmont High
  • Victoria Lashley                              Central Academy of Technology and Arts
  • Melissa Ottaway                              Wesley Chapel Elementary
  • Jennifer Stephenson                    Waxhaw Elementary
  • Bethany Walker                               Piedmont High
  • Debra Ann Every                             Marvin Ridge High
  • Digna Martin                                    Rocky River Elementary


Source: North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and National Board for Professional Teaching Standards 


Published April 1, 2021