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Joshua Carrillo (East Union Middle)

What are your most and least favorite subjects and why?

My favorite subject is math. I like algebra and understand it well. In my class, I learn things that aren’t even math related. Einstein used a lot of math, but my teacher uses him as a role model to show that we can achieve anything. We talk a lot about his drive, creativity and inquisitive nature. 

I don’t really have a least favorite subject. I like school and I always find something to like about a class. My mind stays entertained. 

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?

I would visit my home country of Guatemala. The last time I was there I was about six years old. I haven’t seen as much as I’d like to see. Most of my family is there, too. I’d love to stay a month or two to enjoy spending time with my family. It feels weird on birthdays having to sing through the phone.

I would like to visit Xetulul, a theme park in Guatemala. It reminds me of Carowinds. There are waterslides, roller coasters and events. It’s also known for its architecture. It has reproductions of many landmarks from across the world. I’d also like to visit history museums.

I do remember my grandmother’s cooking. Her recipes are amazing. I don’t know what she adds but it makes everything so good. She has that magical touch. 

What careers interest you?

I am a Christian. I can choose what I want to be but if God has something different planned for me, I’ll be okay with it because he is the one doing it. My choice would be to be an architect. 

When I was little I used to love building with Legos. My mom bought me this huge set once for my birthday. She thought it was going to take me over a month to build it. It took me three days to build out the town. I had sketched stuff out before starting so I really like designing. 

I’m not great at drawing but I’m good enough that I can sketch out ideas in my notebook. 

What clubs or activities do you participate in? And why?

A club that I participate in is the student council.

Sometimes I bring my keyboard to play and entertain the students. I’ve been playing piano for about eight years. I play about four instruments well. They are piano, drums, guitar and bass. I’ve always loved music. Outside of school, I was in a band that would play at restaurants and we got invited to the Charlotte Winter Concert but we had to separate because we all ended up going to different schools. It got hard to coordinate our schedules. 

If you had to choose between spaghetti or pizza, which would you choose?

I would choose spaghetti. I like pizza but I’ve had my mom’s spaghetti and it always comes out perfect. I don’t know what she adds to it but it makes it so good. She makes it three or four times a month. 

What three words best describe you?

This question is hard because my dad has always told me to be humble.

  • I guess humble could be one.
  • Creative because of the music.
  • Nice because my parents and friends are always telling me I am.

What is your happiest school memory?

My happiest school memory is from when I was in fifth grade. The day I graduated they gave out honors for kids who went above and beyond. I got one and they only gave out 10. I got it for my musical talent. It brought me so much joy and happiness when they said, “This award goes to the best pianist in the school” and said my name. Then everyone started screaming Joshua, Joshua, Joshua. I was so happy. 

What advice would you give your parents or teachers?

I don’t have any advice for them. My parents don’t do things just to do it, they always have a reason. They apologize if they need to and learn from their mistakes. I found that my teachers do things with purpose, too.