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Ecosystems are Everywhere

Over the past week, fifth graders have studied six major biomes in their world. They have explored oceans, estuaries, freshwater, grasslands, deciduous forests, and tropical rainforests. Students examined abiotic and biotic factors in each ecosystem. They worked together to closely identify producers, consumers, and decomposers in each ecosystem and how they interact with each other. Upon their research, they realized the human effects on the ecosystems and how they can be responsible for the destruction. Discussion occurred about how humans can change behaviors to help, instead of destroy, the ecosystems.

At the end of the week, students discovered that some of these ecosystems are in their backyards or have taken us to different parts of the world. They traveled the world and didn’t even know it!  In the coming weeks, students will conduct a more in-depth research project on the ecosystem of their choice.




Julie-Ann Voyzey