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Familiar Faces

There are some familiar faces at Sardis this year along with lots of new staff members too!  For starters, there are new school leaders taking charge…sort of.  Although new in their titles, Kevin Beals, principal and Kelly Marks, assistant principal are no strangers to Sardis.  Beals had been the assistant principal at the school since 2015 and Marks was formerly a curriculum coordinator.  Last year, after Mrs. Theresa Benson moved to Florida, Beals became the interim principal.  This left open the assistant principal position which was filled by Ms. Marks. 

Both Beals and Marks are thrilled with the opportunity to take the lead at Sardis.  According to both, "We are so excited for the new school year and continuing to build on the success and progress Sardis has made over the last four years.”  Plans include integrating more STEAM-based learning opportunities throughout the school to enhance the rich and engaging learning culture already in place.  The new administrative team’s belief is “…the sky is the limit because together we are better.”

STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.



Blair Austin