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Mad Scientist Day 2018

Mad Scientist Day 2018 Fifth Grade extended our curriculum by exploring the skeletal system a bit more through owl pellet examination.  The students loved this experiment equally as much as they were grossed out by it! They had to identify the type of animal the owl ate by examining the bones found within the pellet and comparing it to an identification chart.  

Since we were discussing the human body, we also made blood!  While watching a BrainPop video, we used cheerios, paper hole punch outs, mini-marshmallows, and yellow dye and identified each one as a component of blood.

Using oil, water, food coloring, and Alka Seltzer tablets we created lava lamps.  For extra effect, we shined a flashlight beneath it! The students can continue to add Alka Seltzer at home to continue to make these work.

We also added Mentos to Diet Soda to see it explode because what fifth grader doesn’t want to see something explode on Mad Scientist Day???

We discussed the water cycle, and students drew diagrams of the water cycle on sandwich bags, then filled them with water.  We will be observing the water cycle happen within these bags for the next few weeks.

By far though, I think the favorite activity of the day was making smores. We discussed heat, (how radiation from the sun) and using foil, can act as a solar oven.  We did this activity first so the smores would have the most time in the sun. Unfortunately, our chocolate didn’t melt, but the students loved them just as much!

Nicole Lightner, 5th Grade teacher