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Shiloh and Sun Valley Elementary Schools hold another combined staff meeting!

Shiloh and Sun Valley Elementary Schools hold another combined staff meeting! The staffs of both Shiloh and Sun Valley Elementary Schools continue to build strong relationships as we move ahead with next year’s merging of the two schools. Dr. Rodgers and Mr. Spencer have wasted no time in beginning to build relationships between the staff members of both schools. There have been several combined meetings between the schools so far. As Mr. Spencer said to the combined staff at their meeting on May 1, “Every time these two schools come together, the electricity is amazing!” He and Dr. Rodgers have been working diligently behind the scenes to ensure that there is alignment in every system at both schools for next year. Providing time for the schools to synergize with each other is a critical part of the process. Dr. Rodgers believes that “change begins with me so we can dwell in possibilities.”


On April 30, the schools held a Kindergarten Open House and nearly 200 people attended! The excitement and positive energy in the air was unmistakable. Two upcoming events include Meet the Principal Nights. These will be held on May 8 at Shiloh from 6-7 PM and at Sun Valley Elementary School on May 14 from 6-7 PM. Parents have the option of attending one of the meetings. The administrative team from each school will be at both events. It is important to note that the principals have been joined at every step of the way on this exciting journey by their assistant principals Mrs. Aldredge and Mr. Hurst. The schools will continue to communicate information with their school communities as details for next year are finalized. The possibilities for growth and success are unlimited with our newly combined schools!  #BetterTogether

Scott Spencer, Principal