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Fantastic Fun Day

Thanks to our Community Partner, Forest Hills Church in Waxhaw, our students and staff were able to celebrate the end of the school year on June 1st with a Fun Day.

The Fun day started with Lunch from Hogs and Dogs food truck, followed by dessert from Pelican's Snoballs.

Music was playing as students and staff enjoyed their lunches, which inspired an imprumpto dance party.

Then Coach Ligon called everyone together for the field games. Student and Staff participated in multiple events like sack races and tug-a-war.

The highlight of the day though was the dunk tank. South Providence Principal Mr. Howard was up first, with students lined up to take a shot. Then Mr. Hopkins took a turn to the same effect. Students and Staff alike excitedly waited for their turns to try and dunk our Admin Staff, both of whom went swimming before the day was over. 

All around it was indeed a FUN day!


Check out the video below to see pictures from the event!