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How Tall is the Flagpole?

When Middle School Math teacher and Air Force Veteran, Regina Dill,noticed that the American Flag hanging outside South Providence last year was looking pretty rough, she knew something had to be done.  She started mentioning it and then our SRO volunteered to bring a new flag which was great and very generous…but when we put it up we realized that the new flag was too small.  There is a certain proportion of flag to flagpole that is needed for the display to look right.  So, our middle school students and their teachers spent the first week of school problem solving how to figure out how tall our flagpole is so that we could order the correct size American Flag.  The students did a great job and we did finally find out the height of the flag pole and the correct size flag!  The new flag will be here soon!


Students work to figure out how y’all the flagpole is.


Thanks to their diligent work, a new flag has been ordered!