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3rd Grade Visits Camp Thunderbird

Even though their trip got off to a wet start, a little rain couldn’t possibly dampen the joy and enthusiasm our third graders experienced at Camp Thunderbird.

There was a lot of fun and learning packed into their two-night stay! Campers spent part of their time visiting with and learning about different types of wildlife. In the popular astronomy lab, they identified constellations, while listening to the myths or stories behind them. In pioneer living, students visited a pioneer-type home, handled tools, and made candles. They also explored different types of soil and the benefits of composting. But that’s only half of what they did! When they weren’t busy learning, campers were enjoying cool activities such as canoeing, fishing, zip-lining, climbing, and hiking.

 On the way home, students were asked to name some of their favorite things about their Camp Thunderbird experience. In addition to everything listed above, their answers also included: the yummy food, sleeping in bunk beds, roasting marshmallows over the bonfire, the Olympic game night, the hilarious show featuring the “Ronald McDonald song”, “White and Fluffy”, and the fun they had with their classmates. They definitely made memories that will last a lifetime!