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2nd Grade Awarded LIFT Grant

In the Fall of 2016, the second grade at Stallings Elementary was awarded  a Lift grant to help create a butterfly garden on our campus.  The garden would help the children learn more about the life cycle of the butterfly and some of the plants that butterflies depend on for survival.  In April 2017, the second graders, as well as parent volunteers,  worked hard to place plants in the ground, spread mulch, and water the plants. The children also worked together to write about how they helped to create their garden. Here are a few pieces of their writings:

 The second graders did something really cool!  And do you want to know what it is?  IT'S A BUTTERFLY GARDEN!  The butterflies will have a safe place to rest after a long day of flying.  Mr. Duke came with a dump truck.  He dumped a lot of mulch on the dirt.  We went to spread out the mulch.  We all got really, really dirty.


Here is some information about the butterfly garden.  The second graders made a butterfly in April.  It is in the courtyard across from the library.  We wanted the butterflies to have a place to sip nectar.  There are thirteen plants in our garden.  We got to see a dump truck.  We all got to do mulch, but the funny thing is we all wanted to sit down.  It was a really hot day!  Jack and his brother Dan made markers for our plants.


We have big news for you!  In April the second graders planted a butterfly garden so we would have a safe place to release our butterflies.  We want to learn more about butterflies in nature.  Mrs. Green helped put down the weed barrier and Mrs. Robbins helped us plant flowers in the tires.  We watered the plants with a new hose, and we had to carry the old hose to the dump.  Zander's Pokemon pin fell off twice that day, but Lucas found it in the mulch.


We hope you will come and visit our butterfly garden soon!