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Engaging Learners through Flexible Seating

Students in Miss Saya's second grade class walked into a classroom without traditional desks on their first day of school. Ms. Saya is offering flexible seating in her classroom this year! Research shows that flexible seating can boost student engagement, empower students, promote collaboration, and not to mention, it’s fun!

Pillows, bean bag chairs, stools, foam mats, standing tables and padded crates allow students to have options for where they can best work and learn. One benefit of flexible seating is that it provides students with choices and it helps them learn about their personal learning style and what type of seating helps them learn best!

Before choosing their own seats, students explored all available options, discussed important rules and guidelines, and learned the appropriate uses for each type of seating. Students evaluated the options and determined the best spot for them to learn and complete their best work. Students are encouraged to change seats weekly and to sit with a variety of classmates throughout the year. Miss Saya’s class thinks their classroom is the best!