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Participate teachers join the Stallings Family

Meet Stallings Participate international teachers Natasha Henley and Sara Steven!

My name is Miss Henley and I am from England, UK. I grew up in a little village 40 minutes outside of London. I am in my 3rd year of teaching and love it. I have previously taught kindergarten and I currently teach 2nd grade. In my spare time I love to do things outdoors most of all water sports. At home I lived along a canal where I would Kayak with my family with my dog swimming or running alongside. I love music and play the flute and piano. My other hobbies include dance and theatre.

Thank you for welcoming me in to the Stallings family and I am looking forward to the future here!


My name is Sara Steven and I recently moved to North Carolina from Glasgow, Scotland. It has always been my dream to teach overseas. I love to travel and have had the privilege of travelling extensively around Europe and Asia. I am looking forward to seeing as much of the USA as possible while I am here. I recently got married on the 1st of July in a traditional Scottish ceremony. My husband has moved with me to the USA and we are really enjoying settling into the community and the southern hospitality.

I have always wanted to be a teacher from a young age. Which is why I went to University at the age of 17 to pursue my dream career. I studied at the University of Glasgow (one of the oldest universities in Scotland). There I achieved a Bachelor in Education degree with honors. I then went on to teach in Glasgow schools and I have been a teacher for six years now. I’m my last job role I was also the literacy coordinator for my school. I really enjoyed developing literacy proficiency across the school and working in my wider community to develop literacy across Scotland.

I am really looking forward to being part of this school and community and I look forward to the school year ahead.

ms henley ms stevens