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Dr. Houlihan launches Listening & Learning Tour

Dr. Houlihan's dates for tour Since his first day on the job, Dr. Andrew Houlihan has made engagement a priority. To date, Superintendent Houlihan has visited more than 30 schools and met with UCPS and county leaders. As part of his 90-day entry plan, Dr. Houlihan is launching a Listening and Learning Tour. Beginning Sept. 21, the Superintendent will hold a series of meetings throughout Union County to meet with employees and community members.

 “I have truly enjoyed visiting our schools and getting to know school leaders and teachers,” Houlihan said. “I want to learn more about UCPS and what we can do as a community to better serve our schools, teachers and students.”

 There will be two key questions presented at each meeting—What’s working well in UCPS and what opportunities are there for growth to make our school system the best?

 Feedback from the Listening and Learning Tour will inform the district’s Strategic Plan and other initiatives.

 The schedule of meetings is listed below. At each location, Dr. Houlihan will meet with employees from 5 – 6 p.m. and community members from 6 – 7 p.m.

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