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Safety and Leadership in Global/Leadership Class

 Deputy Kay speaks with Global Class   This month, we had a visitor in Global/ Leadership class, Deputy Kay! The Deputy’s purpose was to teach our students how important it is to be safe.

   Our students discussed 4 important topics; bicycle/car safety, stranger danger, bullying and internet safety.  The students asked many questions and told some amazing stories! Deputy Kay wanted to reach out to the students to create a bond, and forage new friendships. It’s important that the student see the Sheriff Department as a friend that they can turn to in a time of need.

   The first topic was bicycle safety.  She showed our students the proper way to wear a bicycle helmet and how to check to make sure their bike is safe.  She also talked about how to signal their turns to surrounding traffic while riding. 

   The second topic was stranger danger. Deputy Kay discussed with our students that when someone they don’t know approaches them in a park or their neighborhood, they should say “no” and go tell their parents immediately.  She also discussed what to do when a stranger calls your home, or rings your doorbell.  It is always best to go get a parent to talk to someone you don’t know.

   The third topic was internet safety. The Deputy discussed how we should never give personal information out to anyone on the internet, and how it is important that their parents know what sites they are on. 

   The final topic was bullying.  She demonstrated what to say and how to behave when a bully is involved.  Find an adult that you trust and let them know that someone is being a bully.  Deputy Kay reminded us that all students need to be proactive when it comes bullying.  All of our students are smart and talented.  No one should be able to make them feel any different.

   Deputy Kay is the Resource Officer for Sun Valley Elementary, Indian Trail Elementary, and Sun Valley Middle. She is there to guide the students in a positive direction.

   We want to thank Deputy Kay for spending time with us, and for keeping our community safe!

Written by Mrs. Gulickson, Global Teacher