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Shiloh Valley administrators are preparing for a great year!


picture of Shiloh Valley principals and assistant principalsThe administrative teams at the Shiloh Valley schools have been working to prepare for a smooth opening to the new schools. Administrative teams at both schools have met and collaborated daily throughout the summer to ensure that the schools are aligned in all of their processes. The teams have received incredible support from all of the various departments within UCPS in order to prepare for the upcoming school year. The schools also have fantastic front office staff members who have been important members of this planning process as well. The administrative teams are also very thankful to the school community for their support of the new Shiloh Valley schools.

Shiloh Valley Primary School [formerly the Sun Valley Elementary School building] will be a K-2 school led by Principal Scott Spencer and Assistant Principal Jennifer Aldredge. Shiloh Valley Elementary School [formerly the Shiloh Elementary School building] will be a grades 3-5 school led by Principal Dr. Susan Rodgers and Assistant Principal Mr. Cole Hurst. Both schools will follow the Traditional calendar. Continue to follow both schools on Twitter and Facebook and check the school websites for updated information. More information about the coming year will be made available soon.  

We can’t wait for the new school year and for this new amazing opportunity for our school community!


Scott Spencer, Principal