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#BetterTogetherParents, we realize that some of you are new to the Shiloh Valley Schools and some of you are returning parents. Please note that Shiloh Valley Primary and Shiloh Valley Elementary work together in our communication, processes, and protocols. With that said, please note that you will periodically receive communication from the administrators at the elementary school. Likewise, the parents in the elementary school will periodically receive communication from the administrators in our building. This form of communication is both intentional and purposeful. As part of our school model, we view ourselves as a larger, united team of teachers,  staff members, and administrators in both Shiloh Valley buildings. Therefore, we streamline the communication that is sent out by our principals. We create our parent messages together to ensure alignment between the buildings.

Thus, please accept any messages sent out by Mr. Hurst (principal of Shiloh Valley Elementary) and Mrs. Griffin (assistant principal of Shiloh Valley Elementary) as though it came directly from Mrs. Aldredge or me. We do not do this to confuse our families. Rather, we streamline our communication in order to both demonstrate and model the complete alignment between the Shiloh Valley Schools. We work each day to ensure that our students are #BetterTogether to be #EmpowerED and #FutureReady.

Thank you for your support at the start of this school year! 

Dr. Scott Spencer