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Sensory Study of Ratios

Sixth grade SVMS students have been exploring many hands-on learning opportunities to investigate equivalent ratios in math.  Students had the opportunity to taste test recipes using different ratios, adjust the ratios of each recipe to match, and discover how making multiple batches of the same recipe created a final product that still tasted exactly the same, due to equivalent ratios. 

Students also worked in cooperative groups and used color mixing to create equivalent and nonequivalent ratios.  They matched shades of green to determine whether or not ratios that were doubled and tripled were equivalent.  They also had the opportunity to make different shades of green and discuss why the change in ratio altered the color.  Students loved the hands-on approach to learning and impressed themselves with their own ability to reason mathematically and discuss their thinking with others.

Students mix colors to make green


Sumer Edwards, Math Teacher