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Martial Arts Athletes Share Lessons with Students

LaVonte Earley and Matthew Fleming of 4M Fitness used their own experiences growing up to relate to the students some of the lessons they have learned about bullying and self-confidence. 

LaVonte talked of recognizing the difference between self-confidence and arrogance.  He talked of an experience as a boxer in which his arrogance resulted in a loss and how self-confidence involves respect for others and oneself.

Matthew Fleming is a mixed martial arts practitioner told the students that bullying can be verbal, physical, or cyber.  He urged students to talk with someone if they were being bullied and to not retaliate.  He also reminded students that bystanders who did nothing to prevent bullying are engaging in bullying by not standing up for the victims.

SVMS appreciates the time and words of these two young role models.

Matthew Fleming and LaVonte Earley

Fleming and Earley talk to students

Maureen Donohue