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Digital Citizens Design Doors at SVMS

Recently two SVMS students met with other students from across the district at the iRules Academy workshop held at CATA.  Ella Brown and Amylinn Ince learned about digital safety and digital etiquette and how to maneuver in the fast-moving landscape that is social media.

While there the students were challenged to develop an action plan to bring back some of what they learned to their fellow students. After consulting with Mrs. Smith, SVMS principal, the students decided that their first activity would be to host a digital citizenship door decorating competition among the homerooms.  Amylinn and Ella developed the following criteria for judging: Each door needs to have valuable information about digital citizenship, it needs to be creative, original, and it should stand out. The information needs to include what digital citizenship is, how to use it properly, and your class will get to decide what subject they would like to do from digital citizenship.  The digital citizenship subject choices are:  cyber bullying, privacy policies, and fake info or fake people and how to deal with them.”

The winning homerooms, one per grade level, were given a Tech Day, during which students could use their cell phones, tablets, chromebook, etc. for personal use during FIT.  Click here to see the doors and the winners.

Click HERE to see the different doors and winners.

Maureen Donohue