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Dress Code Update

Dress code update:  At our last Site Based meeting of the year, it was voted to make changes to our dress code. 


o  SOLID White, Yellow, Maroon, Gray, Black or SVMS Spirit Wear. Acceptable Styles: crewneck t-shirts or Polo/Golf Shirts.

o  Shirts must not be sheer, thin/see through, or too tight. Scoop neck, V-neck, and sleeveless, tank tops are not

    allowed. Shirts must not have any graphics, unless approved SV spirit wear.

o  Shirts must cover the waistline at all times, including while sitting.


o  Bottoms may be of any material. Bottoms are not allowed to have any words or graphics across the bottom/seat of pants, no holes above the knees, not sag, not see through, or be worn below the waist.

o  Leggings or yoga pants must be worn with an appropriate top that meets dress code; shirts, dresses, shorts or skirts worn over leggings/yoga pants must extend beyond the middle fingertip length.

o  Short bottoms or skirts must be fingertip length or longer with no holes, rips or tears.


o  SOLID colors (no logos/graphics bigger than 2”x2”): WHITE, YELLOW, MAROON, GRAY, or BLACK or approved Sun Valley spirit-outerwear.

o  Must be worn over approved uniform shirts, not alone.

o  Hats, gloves and heavy coats are NOT permissible in the classroom; they must be placed in the locker before homeroom and remain until dismissal.