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Caring for SVMS Students

October was a month in with there was a large number of initiatives addressing the social and emotional needs of SVMS students.  October is National Bullying Prevention Month and SVMS made it a central theme.

SVMS opened the month with an assembly with 4M Fitness, emphasizing techniques to combat bullying. The school took part in Unity Day, wearing orange to celebrate those who are upstanders against bullying.  Students and staff also wore blue in recognition of World Day of Bullying Prevention. Counselors also talked with students about Social Emotional Intelligence. Some of the lessons in the media center were dedicated to kindness as a means of combating cyberbullying. Also, the school instituted its first Family Days.

Family Days allow students an opportunity to meet and learn about other students in all grade levels and to have opportunities to support one another.Mentors talk about anti-bullying tactics

Staff dress in Orange for Unity Day


Maureen Donohue