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SVMS Teachers Transform Technology

With the sudden closures of the schools and the shift to remote learning, teachers at SVMS have embraced the opportunities to incorporate new skills and optimize the features of long-used technologies to help their students review and now learn new material.

Mrs. Carnes has helped her students move around during the day by holding indoor and outdoor scavenger hunts.  Her class has also been learning about nature by checking in on some wildlife and zoo cameras. She learned that penguins in the zoos sleep on mats and that there is only one penguin per mat.

Mr. Legare has created assignments that ask the students to complete the written assignment, and then research a recipe that they can create as enrichment for the lesson. For example, they learned about the Columbian Exchange. They were then asked to create a food dish using a food that had been introduced to the Americas from Europe during this historic period!!! A lot of the kids became quickly engaged in this assignment and sent me him their ideas for new recipes!!

Teachers, like Mrs. Kanagy and Mrs. Lartey, are providing support to other teachers to answer questions and help integrate features of Canvas in this new environment.  Mrs. Mathieson showed teachers how to record themselves teaching for instructing their students. Nothing replaces the face-to-face contact that defines traditional teaching and learning, but with teachers like the SVMS team, the creative adaptations will transform the digital learning environment.