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What is PBIS?

Sun Valley Middle School is proud to be a PBIS school!  PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, and is an amazing program geared toward achieving desired behaviors from our students through positive means. The program is not limited to the students physically at school. Virtual students can also display positive behaviors, such as participating, being on time, and being respectful.

The main and most basic principle of our PBIS program is that you can reinforce positive behaviors through recognition and appreciation.  One way students are rewarded for their positive behaviors are with tickets.  These tickets can be used for many things, such as: purchasing prizes, paying for entry to a basketball game, and winning prizes through school-wide drawings. 

The primary goal of the PBIS team at Sun Valley Middle is to encourage and reinforce positive behaviors among the student body.  The behaviors this program seeks to promote range from social/interpersonal to academic. The second goal of the PBIS program is to enhance the learning environment by promoting a positive, orderly environment.  Our last goal is to meet and provide research-based interventions for teachers to use with students who are struggling with behavior. This goal is designed to build positive teacher/student relationships through change, resulting in the avoidance of further consequences from the administration.

PBIS has proven to be a successful program here at SVMS.  We have seen great results and look forward to more success this year.